Class NodeValueCmp


public class NodeValueCmp extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • NodeValueCmp

      public NodeValueCmp()
  • Method Details

    • sameValueAs

      public static boolean sameValueAs(NodeValue nv1, NodeValue nv2)
      Return true if the two NodeValues are known to be the same value return false if known to be different values, throw ExprEvalException otherwise
    • compareByValue

      public static int compareByValue(NodeValue nv1, NodeValue nv2)
    • compareAlways

      public static int compareAlways(NodeValue nv1, NodeValue nv2)
    • raise

      public static void raise(ExprException ex)
    • compareWithOrdering

      public static int compareWithOrdering(NodeValue nv1, NodeValue nv2)
      The sort order is to apply the rules in the following order:
      1. Order by value space
      2. Within a value space, order by value (if possible)
      3. Order by RDF term (syntax)

      The implicit timezone for dateTime/date etc is fixed UTC to ensure sorting is the same everywhere.