Class QueryExecResult


public class QueryExecResult extends Object
This class is for the outcome of QueryExec.

See SPARQLResult for The Model-level equivalent.

  • Constructor Details

    • QueryExecResult

      public QueryExecResult(org.apache.jena.graph.Graph model)
    • QueryExecResult

      public QueryExecResult(RowSet rowSet)
    • QueryExecResult

      public QueryExecResult(boolean booleanResult)
    • QueryExecResult

      public QueryExecResult(DatasetGraph dataset)
    • QueryExecResult

      public QueryExecResult(Iterator<JsonObject> jsonItems)
  • Method Details

    • adapt

      public static QueryExecResult adapt(SPARQLResult result)
    • isSet

      public boolean isSet()
    • isRowSet

      public boolean isRowSet()
    • isGraph

      public boolean isGraph()
    • isDataset

      public boolean isDataset()
    • isBoolean

      public boolean isBoolean()
    • isJson

      public boolean isJson()
    • rowSet

      public RowSet rowSet()
    • booleanResult

      public Boolean booleanResult()
    • graph

      public org.apache.jena.graph.Graph graph()
    • dataset

      public DatasetGraph dataset()
    • jsonItems

      public Iterator<JsonObject> jsonItems()