Class RowSetReaderJSONStreaming

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public class RowSetReaderJSONStreaming extends Object implements RowSetReader
Stream JSON format SPARQL Results.

SPARQL 1.1 Query Results JSON Format

  • Field Details

    • rsJsonSearchHeadEagerly

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSearchHeadEagerly
      Search for the head key eagerly on row set creation. This may immediately consume (and buffer) the whole stream if the head is located at the end. default: false
    • rsJsonSeverityEmptyJson

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityEmptyJson
    • rsJsonSeverityMissingHead

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityMissingHead
    • rsJsonSeverityInvalidatedResults

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityInvalidatedResults
    • rsJsonSeverityInvalidatedHead

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityInvalidatedHead
    • rsJsonSeverityMixedResults

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityMixedResults
    • rsJsonSeverityUnexpectedJsonElement

      public static final Symbol rsJsonSeverityUnexpectedJsonElement
    • factory

      public static final RowSetReaderFactory factory
  • Constructor Details

    • RowSetReaderJSONStreaming

      public RowSetReaderJSONStreaming()
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