Class ValidationReport


public class ValidationReport extends Object
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static ValidationReport.Builder create()
    • reportConformsTrue

      public static ValidationReport reportConformsTrue()
      Return an immutable report that records no validation errors (violations or any other level of severity)
    • getEntries

      public Collection<org.apache.jena.shacl.validation.ReportEntry> getEntries()
    • getResource

      public Resource getResource()
    • getModel

      public Model getModel()
    • getGraph

      public Graph getGraph()
    • conforms

      public boolean conforms()
    • fromGraph

      public static ValidationReport fromGraph(Graph graph, Node node)
    • fromModel

      public static ValidationReport fromModel(Model model)
    • fromGraph

      public static ValidationReport fromGraph(Graph graph)