Interface RDFConnection

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, RDFDatasetAccessConnection, RDFDatasetConnection, SparqlQueryConnection, SparqlUpdateConnection, Transactional
All Known Subinterfaces:
RDFConnectionFuseki, RDFConnectionRemote
All Known Implementing Classes:
RDFConnectionAdapter, RDFConnectionFuseki.RDFConnectionFusekiImpl, RDFConnectionLocal, RDFConnectionWrapper

Interface for SPARQL operations on a datasets, whether local or remote. Operations can performed via this interface or via the various interfaces for a subset of the operations. For remote operations, the SPARQL Protocol is used for query and updates and SPARQL Graph Store Protocol for the graph operations and in addition, there are analogous operations on datasets (fetch, load, put; but not delete). RDFConnection provides transaction boundaries. If not in a transaction, an implicit transactional wrapper is applied ("autocommit"). Remote SPARQL operations are atomic but without additional capabilities from the remote server, multiple operations are not combined into a single transaction. Not all implementations may implement all operations. See the implementation notes for details.
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