Class CharEncoding


public abstract class CharEncoding extends Object
This class provides a number of static methods which interact with java.nio.charset.Charset to analyze and transform the strings identifying character encodings.
  • Method Details

    • name

      public String name()
      Gives the canonical name for this charset. If isIANA() returns true, then this is the name registered at IANA. If isInNIO() returns true, and isIANA() returns false, then this name will start with "x-". The name is case insensitive, but not case normalized.
      Canonical name.
    • isIANA

      public abstract boolean isIANA()
      Returns true if this charset registered at IANA. Since the registry may change, the results of this method may not be entirely up-to-date, and draws from the knowledge in the Java java.nio.charset.Charset class. If isInNIO() returns false, no information is known, and this method returns false.
      true if this character encoding is IANA registered.
    • isInNIO

      public abstract boolean isInNIO()
      Returns true if this charset is supported by java.nio.charset.Charset. Without this support isIANA() does not work correctly.
      true if this charset is supported by java.nio.charset.Charset.
    • warningMessage

      public abstract String warningMessage()
      If isIANA() or isInNIO() return false, this returns a suggested warning message. If isIANA() is true, then this returns null.
      A message (or null)
    • create

      public static CharEncoding create(String enc)
      Create a new CharacterEncoding object, given a name of a character encoding identifying it.
      enc - A name.
      The corresponding CharacterEncoding object.