Class FRuleEngineIFactory


public class FRuleEngineIFactory extends Object
Factory class for creating FRuleEngineI. This class is a singleton pattern, the single global instance could be replaced to provide a custom implementation.
 MyFRuleEngineIFactory anotherFactory  = new MyFRuleEngineIFactory();
  • Constructor Details

    • FRuleEngineIFactory

      public FRuleEngineIFactory()
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static FRuleEngineIFactory getInstance()
      Return the single global instance of this factory
    • setInstance

      public static void setInstance(FRuleEngineIFactory instance)
      Replaces the custom global instance.
      instance - the new factory instance
    • createFRuleEngineI

      public FRuleEngineI createFRuleEngineI(ForwardRuleInfGraphI parent, List<Rule> rules, boolean useRETE)
      Creates a ForwardRuleInfGraphI instance.
      parent - the F or FB infGraph that it using the engine, the parent graph holds the deductions graph and source data.
      rules - the rule set to be processed
      useRETE - if true force this factory to create a RETEEngine otherwise a FRuleEngine is created.
      the created engine.