Class GenericRuleReasonerFactory

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public class GenericRuleReasonerFactory extends Object implements ReasonerFactory
Factory object for creating general rule reasoner instances. The specific rule set and mode configuration can be set either be method calls to the created reasoner or though parameters in the configuration Model.
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    • GenericRuleReasonerFactory

      public GenericRuleReasonerFactory()
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    • theInstance

      public static GenericRuleReasonerFactory theInstance()
      Return the single global instance of this factory
    • create

      public Reasoner create(Resource configuration)
      Constructor method that builds an instance of the associated Reasoner
      Specified by:
      create in interface ReasonerFactory
      configuration - a set of arbitrary configuration information to be passed the reasoner, encoded as RDF properties of a base configuration resource, can be null in no custom configuration is required.
    • getCapabilities

      public Model getCapabilities()
      Return a description of the capabilities of this reasoner encoded in RDF. This method is normally called by the ReasonerRegistry which caches the resulting information so dynamically creating here is not really an overhead.
      Specified by:
      getCapabilities in interface ReasonerFactory
    • getURI

      public String getURI()
      Return the URI labelling this type of reasoner
      Specified by:
      getURI in interface ReasonerFactory