Interface XSComplexTypeDefinition

All Superinterfaces:
XSObject, XSTypeDefinition

public interface XSComplexTypeDefinition extends XSTypeDefinition
This interface represents the Complex Type Definition schema component.
  • Field Details


      static final short CONTENTTYPE_EMPTY
      Represents an empty content type. A content type with the distinguished value empty validates elements with no character or element information item children.
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      static final short CONTENTTYPE_SIMPLE
      Represents a simple content type. A content type which is simple validates elements with character-only children.
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      static final short CONTENTTYPE_ELEMENT
      Represents an element-only content type. An element-only content type validates elements with children that conform to the supplied content model.
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      static final short CONTENTTYPE_MIXED
      Represents a mixed content type.
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  • Method Details

    • getDerivationMethod

      short getDerivationMethod()
      [derivation method]: either DERIVATION_EXTENSION, DERIVATION_RESTRICTION, or DERIVATION_NONE (see XSConstants).
    • getAbstract

      boolean getAbstract()
      [abstract]: a boolean. Complex types for which abstract is true must not be used as the type definition for the validation of element information items.
    • getAttributeUses

      XSObjectList getAttributeUses()
      A set of attribute uses if it exists, otherwise an empty XSObjectList.
    • getAttributeWildcard

      XSWildcard getAttributeWildcard()
      An attribute wildcard if it exists, otherwise null.
    • getContentType

      short getContentType()
      [content type]: one of empty (CONTENTTYPE_EMPTY), a simple type definition (CONTENTTYPE_SIMPLE), mixed ( CONTENTTYPE_MIXED), or element-only ( CONTENTTYPE_ELEMENT).
    • getSimpleType

      XSSimpleTypeDefinition getSimpleType()
      A simple type definition corresponding to a simple content model, otherwise null.
    • getParticle

      XSParticle getParticle()
      A particle for a mixed or element-only content model, otherwise null.
    • isProhibitedSubstitution

      boolean isProhibitedSubstitution(short restriction)
      [prohibited substitutions]: a subset of {extension, restriction}
      restriction - Extension or restriction constants (see XSConstants).
      True if restriction is a prohibited substitution, otherwise false.
    • getProhibitedSubstitutions

      short getProhibitedSubstitutions()
      [prohibited substitutions]: A subset of {extension, restriction} or DERIVATION_NONE represented as a bit flag (see XSConstants).
    • getAnnotations

      XSObjectList getAnnotations()
      A sequence of [annotations] or an empty XSObjectList.