Interface XSParticle

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public interface XSParticle extends XSObject
This interface represents the Particle schema component.
  • Method Details

    • getMinOccurs

      int getMinOccurs()
      [min occurs]: determines the minimum number of terms that can occur.
    • getMaxOccurs

      int getMaxOccurs()
      [max occurs]: determines the maximum number of terms that can occur. To query for the value of unbounded use maxOccursUnbounded. When the value of maxOccursUnbounded is true, the value of maxOccurs is unspecified.
    • getMaxOccursUnbounded

      boolean getMaxOccursUnbounded()
      [max occurs]: whether the maxOccurs value is unbounded.
    • getTerm

      XSTerm getTerm()
      [term]: one of a model group, a wildcard, or an element declaration.
    • getAnnotations

      XSObjectList getAnnotations()
      A sequence of [annotations] or an empty XSObjectList.