Class SymbolHash


public class SymbolHash extends Object
This class is an unsynchronized hash table primary used for String to Object mapping.

The hash code uses the same algorithm as SymbolTable class.

$Id: 819653 2009-09-28 17:29:56Z knoaman $
Elena Litani
  • Constructor Details

    • SymbolHash

      public SymbolHash()
      Constructs a key table with the default size.
    • SymbolHash

      public SymbolHash(int size)
      Constructs a key table with a given size.
      size - the size of the key table.
  • Method Details

    • put

      public void put(Object key, Object value)
      Adds the key/value mapping to the key table. If the key already exists, the previous value associated with this key is overwritten by the new value.
      key -
      value -
    • get

      public Object get(Object key)
      Get the value associated with the given key.
      key -
      the value associated with the given key.
    • getLength

      public int getLength()
      Get the number of key/value pairs stored in this table.
      the number of key/value pairs stored in this table.
    • getValues

      public int getValues(Object[] elements, int from)
      Add all values to the given array. The array must have enough entry.
      elements - the array to store the elements
      from - where to start store element in the array
      number of elements copied to the array
    • getEntries

      public Object[] getEntries()
      Return key/value pairs of all entries in the map
    • makeClone

      public SymbolHash makeClone()
      Make a clone of this object.
    • clear

      public void clear()
      Remove all key/value assocaition. This tries to save a bit of GC'ing by at least keeping the fBuckets array around.