Class SchemaDVFactoryImpl

public class SchemaDVFactoryImpl extends BaseSchemaDVFactory
the factory to create/return built-in schema 1.0 DVs and create user-defined DVs @xerces.internal
$Id: 710089 2008-11-03 16:01:16Z knoaman $
Neeraj Bajaj, Sun Microsystems, inc., Sandy Gao, IBM, Khaled Noaman, IBM
  • Constructor Details

    • SchemaDVFactoryImpl

      public SchemaDVFactoryImpl()
  • Method Details

    • getBuiltInType

      public XSSimpleType getBuiltInType(String name)
      Get a built-in simple type of the given name REVISIT: its still not decided within the Schema WG how to define the ur-types and if all simple types should be derived from a complex type, so as of now we ignore the fact that anySimpleType is derived from anyType, and pass 'null' as the base of anySimpleType. It needs to be changed as per the decision taken.
      Specified by:
      getBuiltInType in class SchemaDVFactory
      name - the name of the datatype
      the datatype validator of the given name
    • getBuiltInTypes

      public SymbolHash getBuiltInTypes()
      get all built-in simple types, which are stored in a hashtable keyed by the name
      Specified by:
      getBuiltInTypes in class SchemaDVFactory
      a hashtable which contains all built-in simple types