All Classes and Interfaces

Base class for all QueryBuilders.
The base class for rewriters.
Class to handle manipulation the aggregation variables in the query.
Builder for SPARQL Ask Queries.
An element visitor that does an in-place modification of the elements to fix union-of-one and similar issues.
An QuadHolder that creates quads from a collection or iterator of triples.
Builder for SPARQL Construct Queries.
Interface that defines the ConstructClause as per
The handler for construct clauses.
A collection of static methods to convert from Objects to various types used in Query and Update construction.
Interface that defines the DatasetClause as per
Handler for a dataset.
Builder for SPARQL Describe Queries.
A rewriter that implements an ElementVisitor
Create expressions.
A rewriter that implements an ExprVisitor
The base interface for handlers.
A class to handle all the handlers of a query builder and keep them in sync as needed.
An QuadHolder that manages extracts all statements from a model as quads.
The order for the ORDER BY modifiers.
A rewriter that implements PathVisitor.
The prefix handler for the updatebuilder class
Interface that defines the PrologClause as per
The prolog handler
An QuadHolder that manages AbstractQueryBuilder data.
An QuadHolder that contains Quads from a collection or iterator..
An interface that defines a holder of quads.
Builder for SPARQL Select Queries.
Interface that defines the SelectClause as per
A Select clause handler.
A QuadHolder implementation for a single quad.
Interface that defines the SolutionClause as per
The Solution Modifier handler.
Class to build update requests.
Interface that defines the ValueClause as per Conceptually this the values clause constructs a table comprising columns named by variables and rows of data for those columns.
A simple implementation of WhereClause for use in building complex sub queries where a SelectBuilder or similar implementation is more than is needed.
Interface that defines the WhereClause as per
The where handler.
The where processor.