Class QueryTransformOps


public class QueryTransformOps extends Object
Support for transformation of query abstract syntax.
  • Constructor Details

    • QueryTransformOps

      public QueryTransformOps()
  • Method Details

    • transform

      public static Query transform(Query query, Map<Var,? extends org.apache.jena.graph.Node> substitutions)
      Transform a query based on a mapping from Var variable to replacement Node.
    • transformQuery

      public static Query transformQuery(Query query, Map<String,? extends org.apache.jena.rdf.model.RDFNode> substitutions)
      Transform a query based on a mapping from variable name to replacement RDFNode (a Resource (or blank node) or a Literal).
    • transform

      public static Query transform(Query query, ElementTransform transform, ExprTransform exprTransform)
      Transform a query using ElementTransform and ExprTransform. It is the responsibility of these transforms to transform to a legal SPARQL query.
    • transform

      public static Query transform(Query query, ElementTransform transform)
    • shallowCopy

      public static Query shallowCopy(Query query)