Class UpdateModify

Direct Known Subclasses:

public class UpdateModify extends UpdateWithUsing
  • Constructor Details

    • UpdateModify

      public UpdateModify()
  • Method Details

    • setElement

      public void setElement(Element element)
    • getDeleteAcc

      public QuadAcc getDeleteAcc()
    • getInsertAcc

      public QuadAcc getInsertAcc()
    • getDeleteQuads

      public List<Quad> getDeleteQuads()
    • getInsertQuads

      public List<Quad> getInsertQuads()
    • setHasInsertClause

      public void setHasInsertClause(boolean flag)
      Explicit flag to indicate a INSERT clause was seen, even if it had no quads
    • setHasDeleteClause

      public void setHasDeleteClause(boolean flag)
      Explicit flag to indicate a DELETE clause was seen, even if it had no quads
    • hasInsertClause

      public boolean hasInsertClause()
    • hasDeleteClause

      public boolean hasDeleteClause()
    • getWherePattern

      public Element getWherePattern()
    • visit

      public void visit(UpdateVisitor visitor)
      Specified by:
      visit in class Update
    • equalTo

      public boolean equalTo(Update obj, NodeIsomorphismMap isoMap)
      Description copied from class: Update
      Compare by isomorphism - if the isomorphism map is null, compare nodes by .equals
      Specified by:
      equalTo in class Update