Class UpdateProcessorBase

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public class UpdateProcessorBase extends Object implements UpdateProcessor
Class to hold the general state of a update request execution. See query ExecutionContext
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    • execute

      public void execute()
      Description copied from interface: UpdateProcessor
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      execute in interface UpdateProcessor
    • getDatasetGraph

      public DatasetGraph getDatasetGraph()
      Description copied from interface: UpdateProcessor
      The dataset against which the query will execute. May be null, implying the there isn't a local GraphStore target for this UpdateProcessor.
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      getDatasetGraph in interface UpdateProcessor
    • getContext

      public Context getContext()
      Description copied from interface: UpdateProcessor
      The properties associated with a query execution - implementation specific parameters This includes Java objects (so it is not an RDF graph). Keys should be URIs as strings. May be null (this implementation does not provide any configuration).
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      getContext in interface UpdateProcessor