Class FunctionEnvBase

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public class FunctionEnvBase extends Object implements FunctionEnv
Environment passed to functions -- see also ExecutionContext
  • Constructor Details

    • FunctionEnvBase

      public FunctionEnvBase()
    • FunctionEnvBase

      public FunctionEnvBase(Context context)
    • FunctionEnvBase

      public FunctionEnvBase(ExecutionContext execCxt)
    • FunctionEnvBase

      public FunctionEnvBase(Context context, org.apache.jena.graph.Graph activeGraph, DatasetGraph dataset)
  • Method Details

    • getActiveGraph

      public org.apache.jena.graph.Graph getActiveGraph()
      Description copied from interface: FunctionEnv
      Return the active graph (the one matching is against at this point in the query. May be null if unknown or not applicable - for example, doing quad store access or when sorting.
      Specified by:
      getActiveGraph in interface FunctionEnv
    • getContext

      public Context getContext()
      Description copied from interface: FunctionEnv
      Return the context for this function call
      Specified by:
      getContext in interface FunctionEnv
    • getDataset

      public DatasetGraph getDataset()
      Description copied from interface: FunctionEnv
      Return the dataset for the query
      Specified by:
      getDataset in interface FunctionEnv