Class Service


public class Service extends Object
Execution of OpService
  • Field Details

    • base

      public static final String base
      See Also:
    • serviceParams

      public static final Symbol serviceParams
    • httpServiceAllowed

      public static final Symbol httpServiceAllowed
    • httpQueryClient

      public static final Symbol httpQueryClient
    • httpServiceSendMode

      public static final Symbol httpServiceSendMode
    • httpServiceContext

      @Deprecated(since="4.8.0") public static final Symbol httpServiceContext
    • httpQueryTimeout

      public static final Symbol httpQueryTimeout
    • baseOld

      public static final String baseOld
      See Also:
    • oldQueryClient

      public static final Symbol oldQueryClient
    • oldServiceContext

      public static final Symbol oldServiceContext
    • oldServiceAllowed

      public static final Symbol oldServiceAllowed
    • oldQueryTimeout

      public static final Symbol oldQueryTimeout
    • oldQueryCompression

      public static final Symbol oldQueryCompression
    • serviceAllowed

      public static final Symbol serviceAllowed
  • Method Details

    • checkServiceAllowed

      public static void checkServiceAllowed(Context context)
      Test whether SERVICE calls out of this JVM are allowed.
    • exec

      public static QueryIterator exec(OpService op, Context context)
      Plain service execution.