Class WriterStreamRDFBlocks

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public class WriterStreamRDFBlocks extends WriterStreamRDFBase
An output of triples / quads that print batches of same subject / same graph, same subject. It writes something that is easier to read than N-triples, N-quads but it's not full pretty printing which usually requires analysing the data before any output. If fed quads and triples, the output is valid TriG. If fed only triples, the output is valid Turtle.
  • Constructor Details

    • WriterStreamRDFBlocks

      public WriterStreamRDFBlocks(OutputStream output, Context context)
    • WriterStreamRDFBlocks

      public WriterStreamRDFBlocks(Writer output, Context context)
    • WriterStreamRDFBlocks

      public WriterStreamRDFBlocks( output, Context context)