Class NodeToLabel


public class NodeToLabel extends MapWithScope<org.apache.jena.graph.Node,String,org.apache.jena.graph.Node>
Map nodes to string (usually, blank nodes to labels). See SyntaxLabels.createNodeToLabel() for getting a default setup.
  • Method Details

    • createScopeByDocument

      public static NodeToLabel createScopeByDocument()
      Allocation from a single scope; just the label matters.
    • createBNodeByLabelEncoded

      public static NodeToLabel createBNodeByLabelEncoded()
      Allocation as per internal label, with an encoded safe label.
    • createBNodeByLabelAsGiven

      public static NodeToLabel createBNodeByLabelAsGiven()
      Allocation as per internal label
    • createBNodeByIRI

      public static NodeToLabel createBNodeByIRI()
      Allocation as per internal label
    • labelByInternal

      public static NodeToLabel labelByInternal()