Class AuthChallenge


public class AuthChallenge extends Object
Details of a "WWW-Authenticate" header.
  • Field Details

    • authScheme

      public final AuthScheme authScheme
      Map key name used to record the authentication scheme (entries in the header are lower case and never clash with this name).
    • authHeader

      public final AuthHeader authHeader
    • realm

      public final String realm
    • nonce

      public final String nonce
    • opaque

      public final String opaque
    • qop

      public final String qop
    • authParams

      public final Map<String,String> authParams
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public static AuthChallenge parse(String authHeaderStr)
      Parse "WWW-Authenticate:" challenge message
    • getRealm

      public String getRealm()
    • getToken

      public String getToken()