Eyeball - checking RDF/OWL for common problems

Eyeball is a Jena-based tool for checking RDF models (including OWL) for common problems. It is user-extensible using plugins.

Note: Jena Eyeball has not been released under the Apache Software License.
The source code is available at Apache.

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Getting the Eyeball release

Download from SourceForge: Eyeball distribution This predates the move of Jena to Apache and is not an Apache release.


If you haven't already, download Eyeball and unzip it into a directory of your choice. The download includes all of Jena, so it should not require any additional .jar files to run.

If you have Ant installed, run the Eyeball test suite:

ant test

If it doesn't say that the tests passed, please file a Jira issue

Ensure all the jars in the Eyeball lib directory are on your classpath.

Using Eyeball with Apache Maven


Trying it out

Pick one of your RDF files; we'll call it FOO for now. Run the command-line command

java jena.eyeball -check FOO

You will likely get a whole bunch of messages about your RDF. The messages are supposed to be self-explanatory, so you may be able to go ahead and fix some problems straight away. If you get a Java error about NoClassDefFoundError, you've forgotten to set the classpath up or use the -cp myClassPath option to Java.

You may also want to try the experimental GUI, see below.

If the messages aren't self-explanatory, or you want more details, please consult the guide.

Experimental Eyeball GUI

Eyeball includes a simple GUI tool which will allow multiple files to be checked at once and multiple schemas to be assumed. It will also allow you to select which inspectors are used.

To start the GUI, use the following (assuming your classpath is set up, as above): java jena.eyeballGUI