Class GenericFilterAssembler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class GenericFilterAssembler extends AssemblerBase
Creates generic filters given a fully qualified Class name and a list of parameters for a constructor of the Class.

The parameters may be of the following types:

     text:TypeString        String
     text:TypeSet           org.apache.lucene.analysis.util.CharArraySet
     text:TypeInt           int
     text:TypeBoolean       boolean
     text:TypeTokenStream   TokenStream
     text:TypeAnalyzer      org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer
Although the list of types is not exhaustive it is a simple matter to create a wrapper Analyzer that reads a file with information that can be used to initialize any sort of parameters that may be needed for a given Analyzer. The provided types cover the vast majority of cases.

For example, org.apache.lucene.analysis.ja.JapaneseAnalyzer has a constructor with 4 parameters: a UserDict, a CharArraySet, a JapaneseTokenizer.Mode, and a Set<String>. So a simple wrapper can extract the values needed for the various parameters with types not available in this extension, construct the required instances, and instantiate the JapaneseAnalyzer.

Adding custom Analyzers such as the above wrapper analyzer is a simple matter of adding the Analyzer class and any associated filters and tokenizer and so on to the classpath for Jena - usually in a jar. Of course, all of the Analyzers that are included in the Lucene distribution bundled with Jena are available as generic Analyzers as well.

Each parameter object is specified with:

  • an optional text:paramName that may be used to document which parameter is represented
  • a text:paramType which is one of: text:TypeString, text:TypeSet, text:TypeFile, text:TypeInt, text:TypeBoolean, text:TypeAnalyzer.
  • a text:paramValue which is an xsd:string, xsd:boolean or xsd:int or resource.

A parameter of type text:TypeSet must have a list of zero or more Strings.

A parameter of type text:TypeString, text:TypeFile, text:TypeBoolean, text:TypeInt or text:TypeAnalyzer must have a single text:paramValue of the appropriate type.


    <#indexLucene> a text:TextIndexLucene ;
        text:directory <file:Lucene> ;
        text:entityMap <#entMap> ;
        text:defineAnalyzers (
            [text:addLang "sa-x-iast" ;
             text:analyzer [ . . . ]]
            [text:defineAnalyzer <#foo> ;
             text:analyzer [ . . . ]]
            [text:defineFilter <#bar> ;
             text:filter [
               a text:GenericFilter ;
               text:class "org.apache.jena.query.text.filter.SelectiveFoldingFilter" ;
               text:params (
                    [ text:paramName "whitelisted" ;
                      text:paramType text:TypeSet ;
                      text:paramValue ("รง") ]