Class TDB


public class TDB extends Object
  • Field Details

    • tdbIRI

      public static final String tdbIRI
      IRI for TDB
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    • tdbParamNS

      public static final String tdbParamNS
      Root of TDB-defined parameter names
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    • tdbSymbolPrefix

      public static final String tdbSymbolPrefix
      Prefix for TDB-defined parameter names
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    • logLoaderName

      public static final String logLoaderName
      Logger for loading information
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    • logLoader

      public static final org.slf4j.Logger logLoader
      Logger for loading information
    • logInfoName

      public static final String logInfoName
      Logger for general information
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    • logInfo

      public static final org.slf4j.Logger logInfo
      Logger for general information
    • namespace

      public static final String namespace
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    • symUnionDefaultGraph

      public static final Symbol symUnionDefaultGraph
      Symbol to use the union of named graphs as the default graph of a query
    • transactionJournalWriteBlockMode

      public static final Symbol transactionJournalWriteBlockMode
      A String enum Symbol that specifies the type of temporary storage for transaction journal write blocks.

      "mem" = Java heap memory (default)
      "direct" = Process heap memory
      "mapped" = Memory mapped temporary file

    • PATH

      public static final String PATH
      The root package name for TDB
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    • NAME

      public static final String NAME
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      public static final String VERSION
      The full name of the current TDB version

      public static final String BUILD_DATE
      The date and time at which this release was built
  • Method Details

    • getContext

      public static Context getContext()
    • closedown

      public static void closedown()
      Release any and all system resources held by TDB. This does NOT close or release datasets or graphs held by client code.
    • setOptimizerWarningFlag

      public static void setOptimizerWarningFlag(boolean b)
      Set the global flag that control the "No BGP optimizer" warning. Set to false to silence the warning
    • sync

      public static void sync(Model model)
      Sync a TDB-backed Model. Do nothing if not TDB-backed.
    • sync

      public static void sync(Graph graph)
      Sync a TDB-backed Graph. Do nothing if not TDB-backed.
    • sync

      public static void sync(Dataset dataset)
      Sync a TDB-backed Dataset. Do nothing if not TDB-backed.
    • sync

      public static void sync(DatasetGraph dataset)
      Sync a TDB-backed DatasetGraph. Do nothing if not TDB-backed.
    • init

      public static void init()
      TDB System initialization - normally, this is not explicitly called because Jena system wide initialization occurs automatically. However, calling it repeatedly is safe and low cost.