public class VLib extends Object
The validation algorithm from the SHACL specification - section 3.4.
  • Constructor Details

    • VLib

      public VLib()
  • Method Details

    • validateShape

      public static void validateShape(org.apache.jena.shacl.engine.ValidationContext vCxt, Graph data, org.apache.jena.shacl.parser.Shape shape, Node focusNode)
    • focusNodes

      public static Collection<Node> focusNodes(Graph data, org.apache.jena.shacl.parser.Shape shape)
    • focusNodes

      public static Collection<Node> focusNodes(Graph data, org.apache.jena.shacl.engine.Target target)
    • isFocusNode

      public static boolean isFocusNode(org.apache.jena.shacl.parser.Shape shape, Node node, Graph data)
    • isFocusNode

      public static boolean isFocusNode(org.apache.jena.shacl.engine.Target target, Node node, Graph data)
    • evalConstraint

      public static void evalConstraint(org.apache.jena.shacl.engine.ValidationContext vCxt, Graph data, org.apache.jena.shacl.parser.Shape shape, Node focusNode, Path path, Set<Node> pathNodes, org.apache.jena.shacl.parser.Constraint c)