Class RDFTest

  • public class RDFTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    The vocabulary used by the RDFCore working group to define test manifests.

    Vocabulary definitions from file:data/testOntology.rdf

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      static java.lang.String getURI()
      The namespace of the vocabalary as a string
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      • NS

        public static final java.lang.String NS

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a string ("")

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        Constant Field Values

        public static final Resource NAMESPACE

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a resource

      • approval

        public static final Property approval

        Contains a reference to the minutes of the WG meeting where the test case status was last changed.

      • description

        public static final Property description

        A human-readable summary of the test case.

      • discussion

        public static final Property discussion

        Contains a pointer to other discussion surrounding this test case or the associated issue.

      • entailmentRules

        public static final Property entailmentRules

        The rules for determining entailment - presently RDF alone or RDF and RDFS; in addition, the requirement for datatype support machinery can be indicated.

      • inputDocument

        public static final Property inputDocument

        A test case input document.

      • issue

        public static final Property issue

        Contains a pointer to the associated issue, such as is listed on the RDF Core WG Tracking document.

      • outputDocument

        public static final Property outputDocument

        A test case output document

      • status

        public static final Property status

        Indicates the status of the test within a process, such as the RDF Core WG process.

      • warning

        public static final Property warning

        Indicates that while the test should pass, it may generate a warning.

      • premiseDocument

        public static final Property premiseDocument

        A premise document of an entailment.

      • conclusionDocument

        public static final Property conclusionDocument

        A conclusion document of an entailment.

      • document

        public static final Property document

        A test case document for a miscellaneous test.

      • MiscellaneousTest

        public static final Resource MiscellaneousTest

        This manifest entry is used to describe test cases that do not fall into one of the categories. It may have several associated files, indicated in <test:document> elements.

      • NT_Document

        public static final Resource NT_Document

      • NegativeEntailmentTest

        public static final Resource NegativeEntailmentTest

        These tests consist of one or more premise documents, and a consequent document. An inference engine is considered to pass the test if it correctly holds that the expressions in the premise documents do not entail those in the the conclusion document.

      • NegativeParserTest

        public static final Resource NegativeParserTest

        These tests consist of one input document. The document is not legal RDF/XML. A parser is considered to pass the test if it correctly holds the input document to be in error.

      • PositiveEntailmentTest

        public static final Resource PositiveEntailmentTest

        These tests are specified by one or more premise documents (in RDF/XML or N-Triples) together with a single conclusion document. In addition, the rules used for determining entailment are specified by test:entailmentRules elements.

      • PositiveParserTest

        public static final Resource PositiveParserTest

        These tests consist of one (or more) input documents in RDF/XML as revised. The expected result is defined using the N-Triples syntax.

      • RDF_XML_Document

        public static final Resource RDF_XML_Document

    • Constructor Detail

      • RDFTest

        public RDFTest()
    • Method Detail

      • getURI

        public static java.lang.String getURI()

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a string

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