Class RDFS.Init

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    public static class RDFS.Init
    extends java.lang.Object
    RDFS constants are used during Jena initialization.

    If that initialization is triggered by touching the RDFS class, then the constants are null.

    So for these cases, call this helper class: Init.function()

    • Constructor Detail

      • Init

        public Init()
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      • Class

        public static Resource Class()
      • Datatype

        public static Resource Datatype()
      • Container

        public static Resource Container()
      • ContainerMembershipProperty

        public static Resource ContainerMembershipProperty()
      • Literal

        public static Resource Literal()
      • Resource

        public static Resource Resource()
      • comment

        public static Property comment()
      • domain

        public static Property domain()
      • label

        public static Property label()
      • isDefinedBy

        public static Property isDefinedBy()
      • range

        public static Property range()
      • seeAlso

        public static Property seeAlso()
      • subClassOf

        public static Property subClassOf()
      • subPropertyOf

        public static Property subPropertyOf()
      • member

        public static Property member()