Class OWLTest

  • public class OWLTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    The vocabulary used by the WebOnt working group to define test manifests.

    Vocabulary definitions from file:data/testOntology.rdf

    • Field Detail

      • NS

        public static final java.lang.String NS

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a string ("")

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        Constant Field Values

        public static final Resource NAMESPACE

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a resource

      • feature

        public static final Property feature

        This property relates a test to a language feature. The language feature is usually indicated by a class or property.

      • usedDatatype

        public static final Property usedDatatype

        The object is a datatype that appears in one of the test files in the subject test.

      • supportedDatatype

        public static final Property supportedDatatype

        The subject test is valid only when the object datatype is included in the datatype theory.

      • importedPremiseDocument

        public static final Property importedPremiseDocument

        Despite the property URI, the document indicated by this property may or may not be imported into the test.

      • level

        public static final Property level

        Indicates the conformance level of a document or test in the OWL test suite.

      • Lite

        public static final Resource Lite

        One of the conformance levels in the OWL test suite.

      • DL

        public static final Resource DL

        One of the conformance levels in the OWL test suite.

      • Full

        public static final Resource Full

        One of the conformance levels in the OWL test suite.

      • issueNumber

        public static final Property issueNumber

        A string valued property that gives a numeral (or some other quasi-numeric string) associated with an issue.

      • size

        public static final Property size
      • Large

        public static final Resource Large
      • Test

        public static final Resource Test
      • PositiveEntailmentTest

        public static final Resource PositiveEntailmentTest

        This is a positive entailment test according to the OWL entailment rules.

      • NegativeEntailmentTest

        public static final Resource NegativeEntailmentTest

        This is a negative entailment test according to the OWL entailment rules.

      • TrueTest

        public static final Resource TrueTest

        The conclusions follow from the empty premises.

      • OWLforOWLTest

        public static final Resource OWLforOWLTest

        Illustrative of the use of OWL to describe OWL Full.

      • ImportLevelTest

        public static final Resource ImportLevelTest

        These tests use two documents. One is named importsNNN.rdf, the other is named mainNNN.rdf. These tests indicate the interaction between owl:imports and the sublanguage levels of the main document.

      • NotOwlFeatureTest

        public static final Resource NotOwlFeatureTest

        This is a negative test. The input document contains some use of the OWL namespace which is not a feature of OWL. These typically show DAML+OIL features that are not being carried forward into OWL.

      • ImportEntailmentTest

        public static final Resource ImportEntailmentTest

        The premise document, and its imports closure, entails the conclusion document.

      • InconsistencyTest

        public static final Resource InconsistencyTest

        An inconsistent OWL document. (One that entails falsehood).

      • ConsistencyTest

        public static final Resource ConsistencyTest

        A consistent OWL document. (One that does not entail falsehood).

      • Issue

        public static final Resource Issue

        A member of this class is an issue in some issue list.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OWLTest

        public OWLTest()
    • Method Detail

      • getURI

        public static java.lang.String getURI()

        The namespace of the vocabalary as a string

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