Class MonitorGraph

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Graph, GraphWithPerform

    public class MonitorGraph
    extends WrappedGraph
    Graph wrapper which provides normal access to an underlying graph but also maintains a snapshot of the triples it was last known to contain. A snapshot action causes the set of changes between this and the previous snapshot to be calculated and the cache updated. The snapshot process will also fire change notification.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MonitorGraph

        public MonitorGraph​(Graph g)
        Constructor, wrap the given graph with a state monitor
    • Method Detail

      • snapshot

        public void snapshot​(java.util.List<Triple> additions,
                             java.util.List<Triple> deletions)
        Compute the differences between the current monitored graph and the last snapshot. The changes will also be forwarded to any listeners. Then take a new snapshot.
        additions - a place in which the set of newly added triples should be noted, can be null
        deletions - a place in which the set of newly deleted triples should be noted, can be null