Package org.apache.jena.reasoner.transitiveReasoner

This package contains a reasoner which supports transitive-reflexive closure of subPropertyOf and subClassOf relations. A single tbox can optionally be bound, which is expected to contain schema information but can contain other information as well. A single data graph can be bound - whch is allowed to contain schema information in which case the work of scanning the tbox is lost and has to be redone (because the data might define sub-properties of subPropertOf or subClassOf which were missed in the original tbox scan).

The generated InfGraph will appear to contain the union of the data graph, the tbox graph, the reflexive-transitive closure of any subPropertyOf and subClassOf relations together with direct versions of these.


The current implementation is flawed in its handling of multiple data bindings - you can't actually reuse the work of tbox binding across different data sets. This will be fixed soon.