Package org.apache.jena.reasoner.rulesys

Provides a selection of simple rule engines for Jena inference models. Currently this includes a simple forward chaining engine (BasicForwardRuleReasoner). This is currently a pure interpreter (no RETE network) with an extensible set of Builtin actions (see Builtin).

We include two example reasoners built using this rule engine. The first is an alternative RDFS implementation (RDFSRuleReasonerFactory) which implements the full RDFS rule set forward style.

The second is an implementation of the OWL-lite subset of OWL-full (OWLRuleReasonerFactory). This omits some of the RDFS entailments (everything is a Resource, every Class is a subclass of Resource) because those conclusions are general not that useful and lead to rather a lot of pointless deductions in forward chaining mode.