Class SafeGraph

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Graph, GraphWithPerform

    public class SafeGraph
    extends WrappedGraph
    implements Graph
    A SafeGraph wraps a graph which might contain generalized RDF triples and hides them from API queries so that consumers of it are safe (but can use getRawGraph() to get back the unsafe graph.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SafeGraph

        public SafeGraph​(Graph base)
        Wrap a graph to hide generalized triples
    • Method Detail

      • find

        public ExtendedIterator<Triple> find​(Triple triple)
        Description copied from interface: Graph
        Returns an iterator over all the Triples that match the triple pattern.
        Specified by:
        find in interface Graph
        find in class WrappedGraph
        triple - a Triple encoding the pattern to look for
        an iterator of all triples in this graph that match m
      • getRawGraph

        public Graph getRawGraph()
        Return the unfiltered version of the graph