Interface LPInterpreterContext

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    All Known Implementing Classes:
    Generator, LPTopGoalIterator

    public interface LPInterpreterContext
    extends LPInterpreterState
    The context in which an LPInterpreter instance is running. The context the entity that should be notified when a branch has been suspended awaiting further results for a given generator.
    • Method Detail

      • notifyBlockedOn

        void notifyBlockedOn​(ConsumerChoicePointFrame ccp)
        Notify this context that a branch was suspended awaiting further results for the given choice point.
      • isReady

        boolean isReady()
        Test if one of our top level choice points is ready to be reactivated
      • notifyFinished

        void notifyFinished​(ConsumerChoicePointFrame ccp)
        Notify this context that the given choice point has terminated and can be remove from the wait list.
      • setReady

        void setReady​(ConsumerChoicePointFrame ccp)
        Called by a generating choice point to indicate we can be run because the indicated choice point is ready.