Class MakeInstance

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    public class MakeInstance
    extends BaseBuiltin
    Create or lookup an anonymous instance of a property value. Syntax of the call is:
        makeInstance(X, P, D, T) or makeInstance(X, P, T)
    where X is the instance and P the property for which a temporary value is required, T will be bound to the temp value (a bNode) and D is an optional type cor the T value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MakeInstance

        public MakeInstance()
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Return a name for this builtin, normally this will be the name of the functor that will be used to invoke it.
      • bodyCall

        public boolean bodyCall​(Node[] args,
                                int length,
                                RuleContext context)
        This method is invoked when the builtin is called in a rule body.
        Specified by:
        bodyCall in interface Builtin
        bodyCall in class BaseBuiltin
        args - the array of argument values for the builtin, this is an array of Nodes, some of which may be Node_RuleVariables.
        length - the length of the argument list, may be less than the length of the args array for some rule engines
        context - an execution context giving access to other relevant data
        return true if the buildin predicate is deemed to have succeeded in the current environment