Interface BindingEnvironment

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BindingStack, BindingVector, LPBindingEnvironment

    public interface BindingEnvironment
    Interface through which the current bound values of variables can be found. Many of the details vary between the forward and backward chaining system - this interface is the minimal one needed by most builtins the specific implementations offer richer functionality.
    • Method Detail

      • getGroundVersion

        Node getGroundVersion​(Node node)
        Return the most ground version of the node. If the node is not a variable just return it, if it is a variable bound in this environment return the binding, if it is an unbound variable return the variable.
      • bind

        boolean bind​(Node var,
                     Node value)
        Bind a variable in the current environment to the given value. Checks that the new binding is compatible with any current binding.
        var - a Node_RuleVariable defining the variable to bind
        value - the value to bind
        false if the binding fails
      • instantiate

        Triple instantiate​(TriplePattern pattern)
        Instantiate a triple pattern against the current environment. This version handles unbound variables by turning them into bNodes.
        pattern - the triple pattern to match
        a new, instantiated triple