Class ModelReifier

  • public class ModelReifier
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class impedance-matches the reification requests of Model[Com] to the operations supplied by it's Graph's Reifier.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModelReifier

        public ModelReifier​(ModelCom model)
        establish the internal state of this ModelReifier: the associated Model[Com] and its graph's Reifier.
    • Method Detail

      • createReifiedStatement

        public ReifiedStatement createReifiedStatement​(Statement s)
        Answer a fresh reification of a statement associated with a fresh bnode.
        s - a Statement to reifiy
        a reified statement object who's name is a new bnode
      • createReifiedStatement

        public ReifiedStatement createReifiedStatement​(java.lang.String uri,
                                                       Statement s)
        Answer a reification of a statement with a given uri. If that uri already reifies a distinct Statement, throw an AlreadyReifiedException.
        uri - the URI of the resource which will reify s
        s - the Statement to reify
        a reified statement object associating uri with s.
        AlreadyReifiedException - if uri already reifies something else.
      • getAnyReifiedStatement

        public Resource getAnyReifiedStatement​(Statement s)
        Find any existing reified statement that reifies a givem statement. If there isn't one, create one.
        s - a Statement for which to find [or create] a reification
        a reification for s, re-using an existing one if possible
      • isReified

        public boolean isReified​(FrontsTriple s)
        Answer true iff a given statement is reified in this model
        s - the statement for which a reification is sought
        true iff s has a reification in this model
      • removeAllReifications

        public void removeAllReifications​(FrontsTriple s)
        Remove all the reifications of a given statement in this model, whatever their associated resources.
        s - the statement whose reifications are to be removed
      • removeReification

        public void removeReification​(ReifiedStatement rs)
        Remove a given reification from this model. Other reifications of the same statement are untouched.
        rs - the reified statement to be removed
      • listReifiedStatements

        public RSIterator listReifiedStatements()
        Answer an iterator that iterates over all the reified statements in this model.
        an iterator over all the reifications of the model.
      • listReifiedStatements

        public RSIterator listReifiedStatements​(FrontsTriple s)
        Answer an iterator that iterates over all the reified statements in this model that reify a given statement.
        s - the statement whose reifications are sought.
        an iterator over the reifications of s.
      • noteIfReified

        public void noteIfReified​(RDFNode s,
                                  RDFNode p,
                                  RDFNode o)
        the triple (s, p, o) has been asserted into the model. Any reified statements among them need to be added to this model.