Interface RDFReaderF

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    InfModel, Model, OntModel
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    InfModelImpl, ModelCom, MonitorModel, OntModelImpl, RDFReaderFImpl

    public interface RDFReaderF
    An RDFReader factory inferface.

    This factory interface is slightly unusual, in that, as well as creating and returning RDFReader's, it also provides methods for creating a reader, invoking a read method on it and then shuting it down.

    The factory will create an appropriate reader for the particular serialization language being read. Predefined languages include:

    • RDF/XML - default
    • N-TRIPLE
    • N3

    System wide defaults for classes to use as readers for these languages are defined. These defaults may be overridden by setting a system property with a name of the form org.apache.jena.readers. to the class name.

    NOTE: All settings are global in nature

    • Method Detail

      • getReader

        RDFReaderI getReader()
        return an RDFReader instance for the default serialization language.
        an RDFReader instance for the default serialization language.
      • getReader

        RDFReaderI getReader​(java.lang.String lang)
        return an RDFReader instance for the specified serialization language.
        lang - the serialization language - null selects the default
        the RDFWriter instance