Interface Bag

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    Container, FrontsNode, RDFNode, Resource
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    public interface Bag
    extends Container
    An RDF Bag container.

    This interface defines methods for accessing RDF Bag resources. These methods operate on the RDF statements contained in a model. The Bag implementation may cache state from the underlying model, so objects should not be added to or removed to/from the Bag by directly manipulating its properties, whilst the Bag is being accessed through this interface.

    When a member is deleted from a Bag using this interface, or an iterator returned through this interface, all the other members with higher ordinals are renumbered using an implementation dependent algorithm.

    • Method Detail

      • remove

        Container remove​(Statement s)
        Remove a value from the container.

        The predicate of the statement s identifies the ordinal of the value to be removed. Once removed, the values in the container with a higher ordinal value are renumbered. The renumbering algorithm is implementation dependent.

        Specified by:
        remove in interface Container
        s - The statement to be removed from the model.
        this container to enable cascading calls.