Interface XSDateTime

  • public interface XSDateTime

    Interface to expose the values for all date-time related types. The following table shows the methods defined for various XML Schema 1.0 built-in types. 'X' marks whether a particular method is defined for a particular type. Accessing undefined methods may return unexpected values.

    XML Schema Datatype getYears() getMonths() getDays() getHours() getMinutes() getSeconds() getTimeZoneHours() getTimeZoneMinutes() getXMLGregorianCalendar() getDuration() hasTimeZone() normalize() isNormalized() getLexicalValue()
    gYear X - - - - - X X X - X X X X
    gMonth - X - - - - X X X - X X X X
    gDay - - X - - - X X X - X X X X
    gYearMonth X X - - - - X X X - X X X X
    gMonthDay - X X - - - X X X - X X X X
    date X X X - - - X X X - X X X X
    time - - - X X X X X X - X X X X
    datetime X X X X X X X X X - X X X X
    duration - X - - - X - - - X - - - X

    $Id: 447250 2006-09-18 05:27:17Z mrglavas $
    Ankit Pasricha, IBM
    • Method Detail

      • getYears

        int getYears()
        years - can be negative for date-time related types;
      • getMonths

        int getMonths()
        months - can be negative only for duration types; For duration types, it returns years*12 + months
      • getDays

        int getDays()
        days - cannot be negative;
      • getHours

        int getHours()
        hours - cannot be negative;
      • getMinutes

        int getMinutes()
        minutes - cannot be negative;
      • getSeconds

        double getSeconds()
        seconds - can be negative only for durations; For duration types, it returns days*24*3600 + hours*3600 + minutes*60 + seconds
      • hasTimeZone

        boolean hasTimeZone()
        boolean (true when timezone is specified in the original lexical value)
      • getTimeZoneHours

        int getTimeZoneHours()
        timezone hours (for GMT-xx:xx this will be negative),
      • getTimeZoneMinutes

        int getTimeZoneMinutes()
        timezone minutes (for GMT-xx:xx this will be negative),
      • getLexicalValue

        java.lang.String getLexicalValue()
        the original lexical value
      • normalize

        XSDateTime normalize()
        a new date-time related object with normalized values (has no effect on objects already normalized)
      • isNormalized

        boolean isNormalized()
        whether a date-time related object is normalized or not (value is not useful for types where timezone is not specified)
      • getXMLGregorianCalendar

        javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar getXMLGregorianCalendar()
        an un-normalized XMLGregorianCalendar (if applicable otherwise null)
      • getDuration

        javax.xml.datatype.Duration getDuration()
        a Duration (if applicable otherwise null)