Interface XSMultiValueFacet

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    public interface XSMultiValueFacet
    extends XSObject
    Describes a multi-value constraining facets: pattern and enumeration.
    • Method Detail

      • getFacetKind

        short getFacetKind()
        The name of the facet, i.e. FACET_ENUMERATION and FACET_PATTERN (see XSSimpleTypeDefinition).
      • getLexicalFacetValues

        StringList getLexicalFacetValues()
        Values of this facet.
      • getEnumerationValues

        ObjectList getEnumerationValues()
        A list of XSValue objects. The actual enumeration values.
      • getAnnotations

        XSObjectList getAnnotations()
        A sequence of [annotations] or an empty XSObjectList.