Interface XSAnnotation

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    public interface XSAnnotation
    extends XSObject
    This interface represents the Annotation schema component.
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        static final short W3C_DOM_ELEMENT
        The object type is org.w3c.dom.Element.
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        static final short SAX_CONTENTHANDLER
        The object type is org.xml.sax.ContentHandler.
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        static final short W3C_DOM_DOCUMENT
        The object type is org.w3c.dom.Document.
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      • writeAnnotation

        boolean writeAnnotation​(java.lang.Object target,
                                short targetType)
        Write contents of the annotation to the specified object. If the specified target is a DOM object, in-scope namespace declarations for annotation element are added as attribute nodes of the serialized annotation, otherwise the corresponding events for all in-scope namespace declarations are sent via the specified document handler.
        target - A target pointer to the annotation target object, i.e. org.w3c.dom.Document, org.w3c.dom.Element , org.xml.sax.ContentHandler.
        targetType - A target type.
        True if the target is a recognized type and supported by this implementation, otherwise false.
      • getAnnotationString

        java.lang.String getAnnotationString()
        A text representation of the annotation.