Class XSFacets

    • Field Detail

      • length

        public int length
        value of length facet.
      • minLength

        public int minLength
        value of minLength facet.
      • maxLength

        public int maxLength
        value of maxLength facet.
      • whiteSpace

        public short whiteSpace
        value of whiteSpace facet.
      • totalDigits

        public int totalDigits
        value of totalDigits facet.
      • fractionDigits

        public int fractionDigits
        value of fractionDigits facet.
      • pattern

        public java.lang.String pattern
        string containing value of pattern facet, for multiple patterns values are ORed together.
      • enumeration

        public java.util.Vector enumeration
        Vector containing values of Enumeration facet, as String's.
      • enumNSDecls

        public java.util.Vector enumNSDecls
        An array parallel to "Vector enumeration". It contains namespace context of each enumeration value. Elements of this vector are NamespaceContext objects.
      • maxInclusive

        public java.lang.String maxInclusive
        value of maxInclusive facet.
      • maxExclusive

        public java.lang.String maxExclusive
        value of maxExclusive facet.
      • minInclusive

        public java.lang.String minInclusive
        value of minInclusive facet.
      • minExclusive

        public java.lang.String minExclusive
        value of minExclusive facet.
      • minLengthAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation minLengthAnnotation
      • maxLengthAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation maxLengthAnnotation
      • whiteSpaceAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation whiteSpaceAnnotation
      • totalDigitsAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation totalDigitsAnnotation
      • fractionDigitsAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation fractionDigitsAnnotation
      • maxInclusiveAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation maxInclusiveAnnotation
      • maxExclusiveAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation maxExclusiveAnnotation
      • minInclusiveAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation minInclusiveAnnotation
      • minExclusiveAnnotation

        public XSAnnotation minExclusiveAnnotation
    • Constructor Detail

      • XSFacets

        public XSFacets()
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public void reset()