Class RDFSyntax


public class RDFSyntax extends Object
This class includes fragment IDs from the RDF Syntax WD, to identify grammar rules etc. using in the Jena I/O routines. These URIs can be used in some options (specifically the configuration of the RDF/XML-ABBREV writer) to indicate behaviour concerning these rules.
  • Field Details

    • uri

      public static final String uri
      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string
      See Also:
    • coreSyntaxTerms

      public static final Resource coreSyntaxTerms
    • syntaxTerms

      public static final Resource syntaxTerms
    • oldTerms

      public static final Resource oldTerms
    • nodeElementURIs

      public static final Resource nodeElementURIs
    • propertyElementURIs

      public static final Resource propertyElementURIs
    • propertyAttributeURIs

      public static final Resource propertyAttributeURIs
    • doc

      public static final Resource doc
    • RDF

      public static final Resource RDF
    • nodeElementList

      public static final Resource nodeElementList
    • nodeElement

      public static final Resource nodeElement
    • ws

      public static final Resource ws
    • propertyEltList

      public static final Resource propertyEltList
    • propertyElt

      public static final Resource propertyElt
    • resourcePropertyElt

      public static final Resource resourcePropertyElt
    • literalPropertyElt

      public static final Resource literalPropertyElt
    • parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt

      public static final Resource parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt
    • parseTypeResourcePropertyElt

      public static final Resource parseTypeResourcePropertyElt
    • parseTypeCollectionPropertyElt

      public static final Resource parseTypeCollectionPropertyElt
    • parseTypeOtherPropertyElt

      public static final Resource parseTypeOtherPropertyElt
    • emptyPropertyElt

      public static final Resource emptyPropertyElt
    • idAttr

      public static final Resource idAttr
    • nodeIdAttr

      public static final Resource nodeIdAttr
    • aboutAttr

      public static final Resource aboutAttr
    • bagIdAttr

      public static final Resource bagIdAttr
    • propertyAttr

      public static final Resource propertyAttr
    • resourceAttr

      public static final Resource resourceAttr
    • datatypeAttr

      public static final Resource datatypeAttr
    • parseLiteral

      public static final Resource parseLiteral
    • parseResource

      public static final Resource parseResource
    • parseCollection

      public static final Resource parseCollection
    • parseOther

      public static final Resource parseOther
    • URIReference

      public static final Resource URIReference
    • literal

      public static final Resource literal
    • rdfId

      public static final Resource rdfId
    • sectionReification

      public static final Resource sectionReification
    • sectionListExpand

      public static final Resource sectionListExpand
  • Constructor Details

    • RDFSyntax

      public RDFSyntax()
  • Method Details

    • getURI

      public static String getURI()