Class RDF.Init

Enclosing class:

public static class RDF.Init extends Object
RDF constants are used during Jena initialization.

If that initialization is triggered by touching the RDF class, then the constants are null.

So for these cases, call this helper class: Init.function()

  • Constructor Details

    • Init

      public Init()
  • Method Details

    • Alt

      public static Resource Alt()
    • Bag

      public static Resource Bag()
    • _Property

      public static Resource _Property()
    • Seq

      public static Resource Seq()
    • Statement

      public static Resource Statement()
    • List

      public static Resource List()
    • nil

      public static Resource nil()
    • first

      public static Property first()
    • rest

      public static Property rest()
    • subject

      public static Property subject()
    • predicate

      public static Property predicate()
    • object

      public static Property object()
    • type

      public static Property type()
    • value

      public static Property value()
    • langString

      public static Resource langString()
    • dirLangString

      public static Resource dirLangString()
    • HTML

      public static Resource HTML()
    • xmlLiteral

      public static Resource xmlLiteral()
    • JSON

      public static Resource JSON()
    • CompoundLiteral

      public static Resource CompoundLiteral()
    • language

      public static Property language()
    • direction

      public static Property direction()
    • dtRDFHTML

      public static RDFDatatype dtRDFHTML()
    • dtLangString

      public static RDFDatatype dtLangString()
    • dtDirLangString

      public static RDFDatatype dtDirLangString()
    • dtXMLLiteral

      public static RDFDatatype dtXMLLiteral()
    • dtRDFJSON

      public static RDFDatatype dtRDFJSON()