public class OWL extends Object
Vocabulary definitions from file:vocabularies/owl.owl
  • Field Details

    • NS

      public static final String NS
      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string.
      See Also:

      public static final Resource NAMESPACE
      The namespace of the vocabulary as a resource

      public static final Resource FULL_LANG
      A resource that denotes the OWL-full sublanguage of OWL
    • DL_LANG

      public static final Resource DL_LANG
      A resource, not officially sanctioned by WebOnt, that denotes the OWL-DL sublanguage of OWL

      public static final Resource LITE_LANG
      A resource, not officially sanctioned by WebOnt, that denotes the OWL-Lite sublanguage of OWL
    • maxCardinality

      public static final Property maxCardinality
    • versionInfo

      public static final Property versionInfo
    • equivalentClass

      public static final Property equivalentClass
    • distinctMembers

      public static final Property distinctMembers
    • oneOf

      public static final Property oneOf
    • sameAs

      public static final Property sameAs
    • incompatibleWith

      public static final Property incompatibleWith
    • minCardinality

      public static final Property minCardinality
    • complementOf

      public static final Property complementOf
    • onProperty

      public static final Property onProperty
    • equivalentProperty

      public static final Property equivalentProperty
    • inverseOf

      public static final Property inverseOf
    • backwardCompatibleWith

      public static final Property backwardCompatibleWith
    • differentFrom

      public static final Property differentFrom
    • priorVersion

      public static final Property priorVersion
    • imports

      public static final Property imports
    • allValuesFrom

      public static final Property allValuesFrom
    • unionOf

      public static final Property unionOf
    • hasValue

      public static final Property hasValue
    • someValuesFrom

      public static final Property someValuesFrom
    • disjointWith

      public static final Property disjointWith
    • cardinality

      public static final Property cardinality
    • intersectionOf

      public static final Property intersectionOf
    • Thing

      public static final Resource Thing
    • DataRange

      public static final Resource DataRange
    • Ontology

      public static final Resource Ontology
    • DeprecatedClass

      public static final Resource DeprecatedClass
    • AllDifferent

      public static final Resource AllDifferent
    • DatatypeProperty

      public static final Resource DatatypeProperty
    • SymmetricProperty

      public static final Resource SymmetricProperty
    • TransitiveProperty

      public static final Resource TransitiveProperty
    • DeprecatedProperty

      public static final Resource DeprecatedProperty
    • AnnotationProperty

      public static final Resource AnnotationProperty
    • Restriction

      public static final Resource Restriction
    • Class

      public static final Resource Class
    • OntologyProperty

      public static final Resource OntologyProperty
    • ObjectProperty

      public static final Resource ObjectProperty
    • FunctionalProperty

      public static final Resource FunctionalProperty
    • InverseFunctionalProperty

      public static final Resource InverseFunctionalProperty
    • Nothing

      public static final Resource Nothing
  • Constructor Details

    • OWL

      public OWL()
  • Method Details

    • getURI

      public static String getURI()
      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string