Class OWL.Init

Enclosing class:

public static class OWL.Init extends Object
OWL constants are used during Jena initialization.

If that initialization is triggered by touching the OWL class, then the constants are null.

So for these cases, call this helper class: Init.function()

  • Constructor Details

    • Init

      public Init()
  • Method Details

    • maxCardinality

      public static Property maxCardinality()
    • versionInfo

      public static Property versionInfo()
    • equivalentClass

      public static Property equivalentClass()
    • distinctMembers

      public static Property distinctMembers()
    • oneOf

      public static Property oneOf()
    • sameAs

      public static Property sameAs()
    • incompatibleWith

      public static Property incompatibleWith()
    • minCardinality

      public static Property minCardinality()
    • complementOf

      public static Property complementOf()
    • onProperty

      public static Property onProperty()
    • equivalentProperty

      public static Property equivalentProperty()
    • inverseOf

      public static Property inverseOf()
    • backwardCompatibleWith

      public static Property backwardCompatibleWith()
    • differentFrom

      public static Property differentFrom()
    • priorVersion

      public static Property priorVersion()
    • imports

      public static Property imports()
    • allValuesFrom

      public static Property allValuesFrom()
    • unionOf

      public static Property unionOf()
    • hasValue

      public static Property hasValue()
    • someValuesFrom

      public static Property someValuesFrom()
    • disjointWith

      public static Property disjointWith()
    • cardinality

      public static Property cardinality()
    • intersectionOf

      public static Property intersectionOf()
    • Thing

      public static Resource Thing()
    • DataRange

      public static Resource DataRange()
    • Ontology

      public static Resource Ontology()
    • DeprecatedClass

      public static Resource DeprecatedClass()
    • AllDifferent

      public static Resource AllDifferent()
    • DatatypeProperty

      public static Resource DatatypeProperty()
    • SymmetricProperty

      public static Resource SymmetricProperty()
    • TransitiveProperty

      public static Resource TransitiveProperty()
    • DeprecatedProperty

      public static Resource DeprecatedProperty()
    • AnnotationProperty

      public static Resource AnnotationProperty()
    • Restriction

      public static Resource Restriction()
    • Class

      public static Resource Class()
    • OntologyProperty

      public static Resource OntologyProperty()
    • ObjectProperty

      public static Resource ObjectProperty()
    • FunctionalProperty

      public static Resource FunctionalProperty()
    • InverseFunctionalProperty

      public static Resource InverseFunctionalProperty()
    • Nothing

      public static Resource Nothing()