Class DC_10


public class DC_10 extends Object
Dublin Core version 1.0 vocabulary.
  • Field Details

    • uri

      public static final String uri
      The namespace of the vocabulary as a string
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    • contributor

      public static final Property contributor
    • coverage

      public static final Property coverage
    • creator

      public static final Property creator
    • date

      public static final Property date
    • description

      public static final Property description
    • format

      public static final Property format
    • identifier

      public static final Property identifier
    • language

      public static final Property language
    • publisher

      public static final Property publisher
    • relation

      public static final Property relation
    • rights

      public static final Property rights
    • source

      public static final Property source
    • subject

      public static final Property subject
    • title

      public static final Property title
    • type

      public static final Property type
  • Constructor Details

    • DC_10

      public DC_10()
  • Method Details

    • getURI

      public static String getURI()
      returns the URI for this schema
      the URI for this schema