Package org.apache.jena.util.iterator

package org.apache.jena.util.iterator

A package for defining useful iterators and iterator operations, including concatenation, mapping, filtering, empty and singleton iterators, iterator wrappers, and the ExtendedIterator class used in many places in Jena.

  • Class
    An iterator which should be closed after use.
    An ExtendedIterator is a ClosableIterator on which other operations are defined for convenience in iterator composition: composition, filtering in, filtering out, and element mapping.
    NOTE that the result of these operations consumes the base iterator(s); they do not make independent copies.
    Creates a sub-Iterator by filtering.
    An ExtendedIterator that is created lazily.
    An iterator that consumes an underlying iterator and maps its results before delivering them; supports remove if the underlying iterator does.
    Combines the actions of Map and Filter, mapping unacceptable objects to null and acceptable ones to their mapped value.
    A MapFilterIterator takes a MapFilter and an [Extended]Iterator and returns a new ExtendedIterator which delivers the sequence of all non-null elements MapFilter(X) for X from the base iterator.
    NiceIterator is the standard base class implementing ExtendedIterator.
    An empty iterator.
    RandomOrderIterator - Reorders the elements returned by an Iterator.
    A ClosableIterator that contains only one element
    A Filter that filters out duplicate values.
    a WrappedIterator is an ExtendedIterator wrapping around a plain (or presented as plain) Iterator.