Class FileManagerImpl

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public class FileManagerImpl extends Object implements FileManager
FileManager A FileManager provides access to named file-like resources by opening InputStreams to things in the filing system, by URL (http: and file:) and found by the classloader. It can also load RDF data from such a system resource into an existing model or create a new (Memory-based) model. There is a global FileManager which provide uniform access to system resources: applications may also create specialised FileManagers. A FileManager contains a list of location functions to try: the global FileManger has one LocatorFile, one LocatorClassLoader and one LocatorURL Main operations: *
  • loadModel, readModel : URI to model
  • open, openNoMap : URI to input stream
  • mapURI : map URI to another by LocationMapper
  • readWholeFileAsUTF8
  • optional caching of models
A FileManager works in conjunction with a LocationMapper. A LocationMapper is a set of alternative locations for system resources and a set of alternative prefix locations. For example, a local copy of a common RDF dataset may be used whenever the usual URL is used by the application. The LocatorFile also supports the idea of "current directory".
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