Class WrappedReasonerFactory

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public final class WrappedReasonerFactory extends Object implements ReasonerFactory
WrappedReasonerFactory - a wrapper round ReasonerFactories that accepts a Resource configuring initial rules, schemas, etc.
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    • schemaURL

      public static final Property schemaURL
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    • create

      public Reasoner create(Resource ignored)
      Answer a Reasoner created according to the underlying factory, and then loaded with this Wrapper's rules (if the Reasoner is a RuleReasoner) and bound to this Wrapper's schemas (in an unspecified order).
      Specified by:
      create in interface ReasonerFactory
      ignored - a set of arbitrary configuration information to be passed the reasoner, encoded as RDF properties of a base configuration resource, can be null in no custom configuration is required.
    • getCapabilities

      public Model getCapabilities()
      Answer the capabilities of the underlying ReasonerFactory.
      Specified by:
      getCapabilities in interface ReasonerFactory
    • getURI

      public String getURI()
      Answer the URI of the underlying ReasonerFactory.
      Specified by:
      getURI in interface ReasonerFactory